Month: December 2014

Winter in the Vineyard

We just finished bottling several varieties of wine including our Pinot Noir ’13, Petite Sirah ’13 and Old Vine Zinfandel ’13. They are in the same category as their previous vintages … full of fruit and soft tannins on the finish.  We think you will thoroughly enjoy them!
In the vineyard the leaves have finally fallen to present the bare trunks of the vines.  The fall was warm and so the leaves just took a little longer to settle on the ground.  The last few nights have been close to freezing so the vines are truly in their dormant period.  The very good news is that we have had some substantial rain this fall.  We are hoping that the winter brings additional rainfall to provide more to the below ground water table.

We will be pruning by the end of January and into early March. The cover crop has been planted and weed spraying will begin with the first hint of warm weather which encourages the weed growth.

As you can see there really never is rest for the vineyardist!   Until next time Happy New Year and enjoy a glass of Grady Family Vineyard wine as you sit by the fire.

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